NUIG Flow Cytometry Core Facility


The facility was established in June 2011 through funding obtained from Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), Higher Education Authority (HEA), Research Support Fund 2011 and the appointment of Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions Cycle 5 (PRTLI 5) funded fulltime dedicated Senior Technical Officer.

Mission Statement

To establish a flow cytometry centre of excellence which will provide a high quality service, modelled on international best practice, to the NUIG research community and industrial customers.


Flow cytometry is a multi-parametric technology that measures fluorescent signals and laser light scatter produced by cells or particles as they pass or flow through a laser light source. These signals can be correlated to structural and/or functional cell parameters.
Highly specialised flow cytometers, cell sorters, can physically separate or sort defined subpopulations of cells from a heterogeneous mixture.

Flow cytometry is an essential tool for basic and translational biomedical research, is commonly used in clinical environments and is rapidly increasing in its range of industrial applications.

     Technical Resources
  • 4 laser, 12 parameter Merck ImageStream®X Mark II imaging flow cytometer
  •  Class II Biological Safety Cabinet
        Equipment Booking
  Equipment can be booked online via the NCBES intranet.
       Equipment Usage Cost 2018
  • BD Accuri C6 Sampler €15/hour
  • BD FACS Canto A €20/hour
  • BD FACS Canto II €30/hour
  • BD FACS AriaII €60/hour + €100 setup

  • Biorad Bioplex 200 €125 per booking

Services Available
  • Access to high end, BD FACS Aria II, high speed cell sorter
  • Access to three analytical flow cytometers: BD FACS Canto A, BD FACS Canto II and BD Accuri C6 and two data analysis PC workstations
  • Access to Biorad Bioplex 200 multiplex array platform 
  • Provision of well maintained equipment subject to daily, weekly and monthly quality control checks
  • Provision of technical consultation and support regrading experimental design, sample preparation, data analysis and interpretation
  • Structured new facility user induction program and continued application support
  • Access to local, national and international flow cytometry facility networks



All Flow Cytometry Facility users are required to attend induction training sessions. Training sessions take place on Monday afternoons, 2pm to 5pm, in the Flow Cytometry Facility, Second Floor South, Biosciences. There are two types of training sessions offered, a training session specific for the Canto cytometers and a training session specific for the Accuri C6 sampler cytometer.

Places are limited to 4 people per session, the minimum number is 2. Please note the induction training session should be attended by those users who plan to use the flow cytometry facility within a short period of time; 'refresher' training is not offered.

If you would like to attend an induction training session, please e-mail: and state which induction training you require i.e. Canto or Accuri training. Please note, you will be required to perform online training modules before attending the induction training session and you must bring along 1 or 2 samples of cells (stained or unstained) to the training session.
The induction training session will cover a general introduction to flow cytometry, an overview of the cytometer and software and general flow cytometry facility housekeeping rules. The training sessions are not application specific. If a new user requires training on a specific application then a one to one training session can be scheduled with Dr. Clancy after the initial induction training.
Please note, keycard access and equipment booking access will only be given to those who have successfully completed the induction training sessions.


Flow Cytometry Facility Acknowledgement

Any formal presentations or publications resulting from work performed in the facility should be acknowledged with the following wording:

The authors acknowledge the facilities and technical assistance of the Flow Cytometry Core Facility at NUI Galway which is funded by NUI Galway, Science Foundation Ireland, the Irish Government's Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions, Cycle 5 and the European Regional Development Fund.





If considerable input into experimental design, sorting of samples, and/or analysis of results has been provided then co-authorship should be considered on subsequent publications.

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Useful Links
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Useful Resources

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Contact Information
Contact Details
Dr Eoin Clancy
Flow Cytometry Facility Manager

Telephone: + 353 91 495825
Professor Rhodri Ceredig
Flow Cytometry Director
Director of the National Centre for Biomedical Engineering & Science (NCBES)
Telephone: + 353 91 495916
Facility Location
The flow Cytometry Core Facility is located on the Second Floor South of the Biosciences Building on NUI Galway's north campus.