Core Facilities: Biomedical Engineering

05 NHT (Nano Hardness Tester)

Indenting system for measuring hardness and modulus of materials

05 Rheometer

Used to measure the viscosity of liquids under various conditions

06 Tribometer

Pin on Disc Tribometer system for wear measurement

08 Live Cell Imaging Microscope

An Olympux IX51 Inverted Fluorescent Microscope with a thermally controlled gas perfusion chamber for imaging cells in culture.

09 Video Extensometer

Uses video capture to measure stress/strain of an object

10 Enduratec

Bose EnduraTEC ELF 3200 - Uniaxial compression/tension testing system for dynamic and fatigue tests.

11 Dongle for Video Extensometer

Software Dongle for Video Extensometer

12 High Resolution Micro CT Scanner

High Resolution Micro CT Scanner is a specimen x ray scanner for high resolution scanning of materials.