Core Facilities: Biological Mass Spectrometry Facility

Mass spectrometer 1 - Agilent 6460 triple quadrupole LC/MS/MS system.

This instrument is the best system for quantitative analysis. It has capillary and nanoflow HPLC systems to maximise instrument sensitivity. Dr David Finns research group in pharmacology are major users and use it to quantify bioactive lipid mediators.

Mass spectrometer 2- Agilent 6510 QTOF LC/MS/MS system

This electrospray enabled system features sub 5 ppm mass accuracy in ms and ms/ms mode making it ideal for either proteomics, metabolomics and environmental applications.

Mass spectrometer 3 - Bruker HCT Ultra ion trap with Electron Transfer Dissociation(ETD)

A high capacity ion trap with ultra fast scanning and ETD functionality and great sensitivity. Proteomics workhorse but can also be used for biomolecule or environmental quantitation. Best system for peptide phosphorylation site analysis.