Core Facilities - JANUS Automated Workstation

Location: Biosciences Screening Core
Person responsible: Enda O'Connell
Phone: +353 91 495435
The Perkin Elmer Janus Automated Workstation is designed to efficiently automate liquid handling and detection procedures.

Applications include:

  • Drug Discovery & Characterisation (e.g. Compound library screening, IC50),

  • Cellular Assays (e.g. Proliferation, Cytotoxicity, RNAi),

  • Enzymatic Assays (e.g. Kinases, Transferases)

  • Binding Assays (e.g. ELISA, GTP, cAMP)

  • Molecular Biology (e.g. Reporter Genes, PCR, DNA Normalisation)

  • Sample Analysis (e.g. Environmental, Food, Forensics)

Liquid transfers are performed from a range of microplates, tubes and troughs, by 96-tip and 8-tip flexible, low volume pipetting arms, enabling:

  • Compound library management, 

  • Sample preparation,

  • Plate replication and reformatting,

  • Intra- and Inter-plate serial dilution,

  • Target cherry picking,

  • Mixing, stacking, barcode reading.

The integrated Victor X5 Multilabel Reader has a wide range of detection methods:

  • Fluorometry,

  • Time-resolved Fluorometry,

  • Photometry,

  • Luminometry,

  • Fluorescence Polarisation.

To enable sterile, cell-based assays to be safely performed, the Janus Workstation is housed in a BigNeat Class II Biosafety cabinet.