Core Facilities - BD FACSCanto A

Location: Flow Cytometry Facility, BB2-2044, Second Floor South, Bioscience Building.
Person responsible: Eoin Clancy
Canto A charges 2017: €10 per 30 mins or portion thereof. 1 hour minimum cancellation period.

Booking: To avoid block booking, users can book a maximum of 2 hour time slots between the hours of 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday. > 2 hour time slots can only be booked after 4pm Monday to Friday, or at weekends.

Circumstances where users require > 2 hour time slot during normal working hours may be accommodated provided that a minimum notice of 2 weeks is given to Dr Eoin Clancy to allow notification to all Canto users.

Usage: Only users who have completed the Canto A induction session can use the Canto A. New or infrequent users can only use the Canto during normal working hours, Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm and under the supervision of a more experienced user.

Induction: Induction training on how to correctly use the Canto and basic introduction to Flow Cytometry take place on Mondays from 11am to 1pm. Places are limited to 4 people, please e-mail to book a place.

Flow cytometry is a qualitative and quantitative analysis technology that can characterise cell populations at a single cell level. Flow cytometry is a multi-parametric technology that measures fluorescent signals from the scattered light produced by cells as they pass or flow through a laser light source. These signals can becorrelated to structural and/or functional cell parameters.

Cellular features measurable by Flow Cytometry:

Intrinsic : size, shape, cytoplasmic granularity, autofluorescence and pigmentation


Extrinsic : DNA content, DNA composition, DNA synthesis, cell cycle, chromatin structure, RNA, protein, sulphydryl groups, Antigens (surface, cytoplasmic & nuclear), lectin binding sites, cytoskeletal components, membrane structure (potential, permeability & fluidity), enzyme activity, endocytosis, surface charge, receptors, bound and free calcium, apoptosis, necrosis, pH, drug kinetics, etc.


The BD FACS Canto is capable of detecting up to 6 fluorescent parameters and 2 physical parameter per sample. The Canto can process up to 10,000 cells per second.


BD FACS CANTO 6 Colour Configuration:


Blue 488nm laser:

Filter                 Primary Flourochrome           Other Flourochromes

530/30nm          FITC                                      GFP, AF488

585/42nm          PE                                          PI

670nm LP           PerCP                                    PerCP Cy5.5, Pe-Cy5.5, PI

780/60               PE-Cy7                                   

Red 633nm laser:

 660/20                APC                                      AF647

780/60                 APC-Cy7                              


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