Core Facilities - Operetta High Content Imaging System

Location: Biosciences Screening Core
Person responsible: Enda O'Connell
Phone: +353 91 495435
As scientists grapple with increasingly complex biological questions, they need to conduct larger, more complex imaging experiments. So they're turning to the PerkinElmer Operetta® High Content Imaging System - the ideal solution for analyzing the inner workings of healthy and diseased cells.

Whether you are performing assay development, genome-wide siRNA, compound screens or looking at a few samples in great detail, and whether you are using 3D disease models, primary cells, stem cells, live or fixed cells, the Operetta High Content Imaging System delivers all the features you need to generate unbiased, statistically significant data to move your research forward.

And it's so simple to use that even newcomers to high content imaging and high content analysis can be productive right away.