Core Facilities - Biorad Bioplex 200

Location: Flow Cytometry Core Facility, 2nd Floor South, Biosciences
Person responsible: Eoin Clancy
The Bioplex 200 is a multiplex array system which allows the detection of multiple analytes from a single sample. It can multiplex up to 100 analytes per well in a 96 well plate, analytes include cytokines, chemokines, apoptotic markers and phosphoproteins. Sample volumes range from 12.5uls for  plasma and serum samples to 50uls for cell culture supernatent samples.


The Bioplex 200 includes a handheld magnetic washer and is compatible with magnetic bead based Bioplex Pro assays. Assays are available as premixed panels, singleplex kits,  custom premixed assays or custom assays mixed at the bench. Details on the range of Biorad assays available can be found here.

Details on the performance characteristics of the assays can be found here.

Please contact Dr Eoin Clancy if you are interested in using this machine. A minimum of two weeks notice is required prior to using and booking the Bioplex 200.

Information on sample preparation can be found by downloading the pdf document below.

Download PDF documentation for this equipment