Core Facilities - BD FACS Canto II

Location: Flow Cytometry Facility, B2-2044, Second Floor South, Bioscience Building.
Person responsible: Eoin Clancy
Canto II charges 2017: €15 per 30 mins or portion thereof. 1 hour minimum cancellation period.

Booking: To avoid block booking, users can book a maximum of 2 hour time slots between the hours of 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday. > 2 hour time slots can only be booked after 4pm Monday to Friday, or at weekends.

Circumstances where users require > 2 hour time slot during normal working hours may be accommodated provided that a minimum notice of 2 weeks is given to Dr Eoin Clancy to allow notification to all Canto users.

Usage: Only users who have completed the induction to the flow cytomtery facility can use the Canto II. New or infrequent users can only use the Canto II during normal working hours, Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm and under the supervision of a more experienced user.

Induction training on how to correctly use the Canto and basic introduction to Flow Cytometry take place on Mondays from 11am to 1pm. Places are limited to 4 people, please e-mail to book a place.


The BD FACS Canto II is capable of detecting up to 8 fluorescent parameters and 2 physical parameters per sample. The Canto can process up to 10,000 cells per second.  


BD FACS CANTO II 8 Colour Configuration:


Violet 405nm laser: 

Filter              Primary Fluorochrome             Other Fluorochromes 

450/50            AmCyan                              V450,Brilliant Violet 421

510/50            Pacific Blue                        V500, Brilliant Violet 510


Blue 488nm laser:

Filter              Primary Flourochrome           Other Flourochromes

530/30nm           FITC                                      GFP, AF488, BB515, CFSE

585/42nm           PE                                          PI, RFP, PE-CF594

670nm LP           PerCP                           PerCP Cy5.5, Pe-Cy5.5, PI

780/60               PE-Cy7                                   

Red 633nm laser:

 660/20                APC                                      AF647

780/60                 APC-Cy7                              


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