Core Facilities - BD Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer

Location: Flow Cytometry Facility, BB2-2044, Second Floor South, Bioscience Building.
Person responsible: Eoin Clancy
Charges 2017: €7.50 per 30mins of portion thereof. New users should e-mail Eoin Clancy, if they are interested in using this cytometer.




The BD Accuri C6 flow cytometer is a small benchtop anlyser equiped with 2 lasers, blue (488nm) and red (633nm) and is capable of 4 colour, 6 parameter analysis (4 colour + FSC + SSC).


The Accuri C6 has a fixed optical alignment and pre-optmized detector settings and data is collected over a 7 decade dynamic range, therefore adjustment of detector voltages is not necessary.


The Accuri C6 is equipped with a C sampler to allow high through put sample processing. The C sampler is compatible with: 24 5ml (12 x 75mm) tube rack; 48 well plate; 96 well plate. The minimum sample volume is 50uls.

The Accuri C6 has a peristaltic pump based fluidics system which can calculate sample volume and absolute cell counts . The C6 will accurately measure volume in samples with concentrations ranging from 1000 - 5x 106 cells/ml.

The smallest size particle that can be detected using the Accuri C6 is 0.5um, the Accuri C6 can therefore be used to detect and analyse bacteria (e.g.) E.coli.

A comprehensive list of technical specifications can be found in the attached pdf.

Additional informations, such as applications etc., can be found at:

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