Our People

1994 University of Bath, Bath, UK.  Department of Biology and Biochemistry, Division of Microbial Pathology, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
1989 University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India. Department of Zoology, Master of Science (MSc)
1987 University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India, Biology and Chemistry, Bachelor of Science (BSc)      
Academic Experience
Jan 2009-present: Director, Alimentary Glycoscience Research Cluster, NUI Galway
Feb 2008 - present: Stokes Professor of GlycoSciences, National University of Ireland, Galway
Sept 2008 - 2011:  Adjunct Professor, George Mason University, Krasnow Institute for Advanced Studies, Fairfax, VA. USA
Jul 2007-Aug 2009: Associate Director, Centre for BioAnalytical Sciences (CBAS), NUI Galway
Jul 2007-Jan 2008:  Visiting Professor, National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Science National University of Ireland, Galway
Jul 2005-Jun 2007: Director, Center for Glycosciences and Technology, The Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University
Feb 2005-Jun 2005: Acting Director, Center for Protein and Peptide Therapeutics, The Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University
2003-2008: Associate Professor (Tenured), Harrington Department of Bioengineering, Arizona State University
2004-Present: Adjunct Professor School of Life Sciences, ASU
2004-Present: Adjunct Professor Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, ASU
2007-Present: Adjunct Professor Beyond: The Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science, ASU
2004-2008: Visiting Researcher, Santa Fe Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2000-2003: Research Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Biology, Arizona State University
1997-2000: Research Associate Scientist, Boyce Thompson Institute, Cornell University, Ithaca NY
Mar/Apr 1998: Visiting Scientist, Oxford Glycobiology Institute, Department of Biochemistry, Oxford University, UK
1994-1997: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Entomology and Boyce Thompson Institute, Cornell University, Ithaca NY
Industrial Experience
2003-2005 Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer Arizona Engineered Therapeutics (AzERx)TEST
Research Interests
My principal focus of research is integration of life sciences, chemistry, engineering, medicine and informatics in the field of Glycosciences and Bioengineering to discover and develop novel molecules, processes and biomaterials and relevant technologies for biotherapeutic and biodiagnostic purposes.
Some aspects of my research include - Post-translational modifications and recombinant protein engineering, protein and peptide therapeutics, application of nanotechnology for glycosensors and glycosignatures, and development of glycomimetics for therapeutic, imaging and analytical applications using high-throughput screening and selection platforms.
Key Publications
Refereed Archival Journal Articles

Gerlach JQ, Kilcoyne M, Farrell MP, Kane M, Joshi L. 2012. Differential release of high mannose structural isoforms by fungal and bacterial endo-B-N-acetylglucosaminidases.  Mol Biosyst. 2012 Feb 28. [Epub ahead of print], PMID: 22373601 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] Link

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Cunningham S, Gerlach JQ, Kane M and Joshi L. 2010. Glyco-Biosensors: Recent advances and applications for the detection of free and bound carbohydrates. Analyst. Epub ahead of print DOI: 10.1039/c0an00276c.  Link

Gerlach JQ, Bhavanandan VP, Haynes PA, Joshi L. 2009. Partial characterization of a vicilin-like glycoprotein from seeds of flowering tobacco (Nicotiana sylvestris). Journal of Botany, vol.2009. doi:10.1155/2009/560394 (open access)

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Tangkuaram, T., J.Q. Gerlach, Y. Xiang, A.-N. Kawde, Z. Dai, V.P. Bhavanandan, J.T. La Belle, W. Veerasai, L. Joshi*, J. Wang*. 2006. Sensitive and Rapid Electrochemical Bioassay of Glycosidase Activity. The Analyst. 131: 889-891. * Corresponding authors.
Honours & Awards
1. Stokes Professor - Science Foundation Ireland. 2008
2. Discovering Excellence Award - Arizona Technology Enterprise (AzTE). 2006
3. Appointed to join Asian-American Advisory Committee to the Governor of Arizona. 2005
4. Annual Performance Recognition Awards at Boyce Thompson Institute, Cornell University. 1994-1998
5. Council of Vice Chancellors and Principals (CVCP) award. University of Bath, UK. 1991
6. British Council's Foreign and Commonwealth Office Award. 1990
7. Gold Medal (highest grade in the University), MSc, University of Rajasthan. 1989
I have been involved with teaching undergraduate- and graduate-level courses to students in the following disciplines: Molecular & Cellular Biology, Molecular Biosciences & Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, and GlycoSciences & GlycoTechnology. I have also been involved with educational outreach activities and have given public lectures to general audiences and K-12 students on biotechnology and biomedicine research. I have also developed course for the faculty of Engineering Disciplines to introduce basic concepts of Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Biomedicine, to promote interdisciplinary research collaboration.