Academic Members

Aldabbagh, Fawaz Dr (Chemistry)
Barry, Dr Tom (Microbiology)
Barry, Prof Frank (Director, NCBES & REMEDI)
Boyd, Dr Aoife (Microbiology)
Breslin, Dr John (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)
Bruzzi, Dr Mark (Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering)
Butler, Prof, Richard (Chemistry)
Byrnes, Dr Lucy (Biochemistry)
Cairns, Dr Michael (Glycoscience)
Callagy, Prof Grace (Pathology)
Carroll, Dr. Cyril (Microbiology)
Carroll, Dr Liam (Chemistry)
Carty, Dr Michael (Biochemistry)
Ceredig, Prof. Rhodri (Immunology)
Conway, Richard (University of Limerick)
Corcoran, Dr. Peter (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)
Cormican, Prof. Martin (Bacteriology)
Dockery, Prof Peter (Anatomy)
Dowd, Dr. Eilish (Neuroscience)
Doyle, Dr Karen (Physiology)
Duffy, Dr. Maeve (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)
Egan, Prof Larry (Pharmacology and Therapeutics)
Elliot, Dr. Mark (Neuroscience)
Fearnhead, Dr. Howard (Biochemistry)
Finn, Dr David (Physiology)
Fitzgerald, Dr Una (NCBES)
Flaus, Dr Andrew (Biochemistry & Centre for Chromosome Biology)
Fleming, Dr. Gerard (Microbiology)
Garcia, Dr. Yolanda (Anatomy, NFB)
Glavin, Dr. Martin (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)
Glynn, Prof Tom (Physics)
Glynn, Dr. Sharon (NCBES, Prostate Cancer Institute)
Golden, Dr Aaron (IT)
Gorman, Dr Adrienne (Biochemistry)
Greally, Dr Maura (Pharmacology and Therapeutics)
Griffin, Prof. Matthew (Medicine & NCBES & REMEDI)
Giles, Prof. Frank (HRB Clinical Research Facility)
Howard, Dr. Linda (Department of Medicine and Pharmacology)
Hynes, Dr Ailish (Physiology)
Jones, Dr Edward (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)
Joshi, Prof. Lokesh (NCBES)
Kane, Dr Marian (NDC)
Kelly, Dr John (Pharmacology and Therapeutics)
Kerin, Prof Michael (Surgery)
Kilmartin, Mr Liam (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)
Laffey, Prof John (Anaethesia)
Lahue, Dr. Robert (Biochemistry & Centre for Chromosome Biology)
Leech, Dr Donal (Chemistry)
Lowndes, Prof Noel (Biochemistry)
Lyons, Prof Ger (IT)
Mc Donald, Colm (Neuroscience)
McArdle, Dr Pat (Chemistry)
McCarthy, Peter, (Neuroscience)
McGuire, Dr Brian (Neuroscience)
McGarry, Dr. Patrick (Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering)
McHugh, Prof Peter (Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering)
McNamara, Dr. Laoise (Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering)
McStay, Prof. Brian (Biochemistry and Centre for Chromosome Biology)
Morgan, Dr Fearghal (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)
Morgan, Dr Pat (Biochemistry)
Morrison, Dr Ciaran (Biochemistry)
Morrison, Prof John (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)
Murphy, Dr Mary (REMEDI)
Nasheuer, Dr Heinz Peter (Biochemistry)
O'Brien, Prof Tim (Medicine)
O'Dwyer, Prof Michael (Medicine)
Ó Laighin, Prof. Gearóid (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)
Pandit, Prof Abhay (Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering)
Quinlan, Dr Leo (Physiology)
Quinlan, Dr Nathan (Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering)
Quondamatteo, Dr Fabio (Anatomy)
Rea, Dr. Stephen (Biochemistry & Centre for Chromosome Biology)
Ritter, Dr Thomas (Medicine)
Rochev, Dr. Yury (NCBES)
Ryder, Dr Alan (Chemistry)
Samali, Dr Afshin (Biochemistry)
Santocanale, Prof. Corrado (NCBES & Centre for Chromosome Biology)
Serrador, Jorge (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)
Sullivan, Prof Frank (Radiation Oncology)
Sullivan, Prof Kevin  (Biochemistry)
Wall, Dr Gerard Wall (Microbiology)
Wang, Dr. Wenxin (Mech. & Biomed. Eng. & NFB)
Woods, Rob (Chemistry)
Zeugolis, Dr. Dimitrios (Mech. & Biomed. Eng. & NFB)
Zwacka, Dr Ralf (NCBES)